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Contact Information

If you have questions or find bugs, then please contact the project coordinator Thomas Bak, Automation and Control at Aalborg University. See the Aeolus contact page for contact information.

The last major revision of the SimWindFarm toolbox, where added turbulence has been included has been made by Tom Nørgaard Jensen.

Version 1.0 of the SimWindFarm toolbox, where the assumption of Taylor's frozen turbulence was removed, has been developed by Martin Nygaard Kragelund. The wind generation in this version (No Taylor) has been based on an implementation provided by Vedrana Spudic at the University of Zagreb.

Thanks goes to Jacob D. Grunnet who developed the toolbox, Mohsen Soltani who created the case study the toolbox is based on, Torben Knudsen for providing the wind field generator, Gerrit M van der Molen for his many contributions, comments and suggestions as well as the entire Aeolus project team.