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Adding your own turbine

It is quite easy to add your own turbine model to be used in the wind farm simulator. The easiest way to get started is probably by modifying a copy of the NREL5MW turbine.

Alternatively you add a block with the following inputs and outputs to the turbine library and it will automatically be available in the wind farm creation GUI.

Turbine simulink block 


  • Power demand [W]

  • Effective wind speed [m/s] (Average over rotor)

  • Wind speed at nacelle [m/s]


  • Produced power [W]

  • Coefficient of thrust

  • Generator speed [rad/s]

  • Measured nacelle wind speed [m/s]

  • Measured pitch angel [deg]

  • Main shaft torsion moment [Nm]

  • Tower bending moment [Nm]

  • Average blade root bending moment [Nm]

  • Auxilary outputs (User defined)

Note that the ordering of inputs and outputs must be as above for the wind farm simulator creator to work.

Of the outputs 3 are absolutely necessary for the simulation to run.

  • Produced power [W]

  • Coefficient of thrust

  • Measured nacelle wind speed [m/s]

The rest of the outputs are only used for post-processing and can be replaced by fake outputs.

Publicly available parameters

In order for the supplied wake simulation, farm controller and network operator to work a number of turbine parameters has to be available to all other Simulink blocks.

  • Rotor radius [m]

  • Rated turbine power [W]

These parameters are to be saved in the UserData of the block e.g.

Saving public parameters
%Retrieve the turbine parameters
%Add public data (already done for NREL5MW)
p.public.rotor.radius=60; % [m]
p.public.rated=5e6; % [W]
%Set new parameters


  • You can open the turbine library by either typing open libturbines in Matlab or find it through the simulink library browser. Remember the library must be unlocked for you to make any changes. Try to design your turbine such that the accelerator mode can be used i.e. use embedded Matlab blocks instead of standard M-code S-functions.